Table of Contents

20. I will change what should be changed, and keep what should be preservednew
(Interview with Shoji Muneoka, Federations’s new President)

19. A Hope for renaissance of Japan’s judonew

18. New rules by IJF: What is lacking in?new

17. Defeated Japan: post-London challenges

16. The 2012 All Japan Judo Championship and weight categories

15. London, and what comes next?
(translation from the French judo magazine "L'Esprit du Judo", April /May, 2012)

14. A new mission for Kosei Inoue

13.Things Judo has taught me
(translation from the French judo magazine«  L’Esprit du Judo », June/July, 2011)

12.Kaori Yamaguchi: “I want to play a role in stopping and thinking about judo”

11.“Grasp players’ minds; Strengthen younger players” Interview with Mr. Kazuo Yoshimura

10. Judo in the words of Isao Okano-Sensei  

9.The World Judo Championships Tokyo, 9-13 September 2010

8.Judo in Japan: The “All Japan Championship 2010” and beyond

7. Manners in Judo and their international significance

6. A young French Judoka talks about his experience in Japan

5. “I Lead a Judo Renaissance Movement” Yamashita Talks about Today’s Judo at Home and Abroad

4. Different Ways of Conducting Judo Competitions: Japan Goes Its Own Way

3. Raising Japan’s Voice in International Judo

2. The Penetration of Judo in the World and Japan

1. Japan’s new head of Judo, Haruki Uemura, talks about his thoughts